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Virginia B. Foote founded Bay Global Strategies, LLC in 2011 with the goal to provide clients with critical knowledge and strategic planning for doing business in and with Vietnam. With over 20 years of experience in Vietnam, commendations including the President of Vietnam’s Medal of Friendship (2007), Ms. Foote provides clients with top notch on-the-ground strategic advisory services, stakeholder engagement, and government relations. She has played a pivotal role in normalization with the U.S., Vietnam’s accession to the WTO, and Vietnam’s growing economy. (click to keep reading)



Robert L. Schiffer is CEO and Executive Director of the US Vietnam Trade Council and one of Washington's leading experts on Vietnam’s commercial and political climate.  Mr. Schiffer has broad experience in both in the private and public sectors, ranging from Wall Street to appointments in two White House administrations. His background in financial markets, diplomacy, crisis management, negotiations and trade policy, provides clients with a broad perspective and a dynamic approach to problem solving with both non-profit and for-profit organizations.  (click to keep reading)

Our Partners


BGS has built strategic partnerships to enhance our reach and services.  Our partners assist in giving a global context for doing business in Vietnam.  


Indochina Capital

In 2012, BGS entered into a strategic partnership with Indochina Capital to further the goals and breadth of expertise available to our clients. Founded in 1999, ICC is as a leading advisory and financial services, real estate development, and fund management firm in Vietnam. Indochina Capital has offices in Hanoi, HCMC, and Danang and a team of  over 100 professionals with extensive on the ground experience and international financial, investment, and transactional expertise in Vietnam.


McLarty Associates

BGS and ICC serve as Indochina partners for McLarty, and BGS and ICC leadership serve as senior advisors to McLarty. McLarty Associates is a global leader as an international strategic advisory firm counseling corporations and non-profits on strategic planning, government issues and advocacy, market access, mergers and acquisitions, corporate communication, and political and economic risk issues worldwide.


The Asia Group

BGS and TAG formed a partnership in 2013 to maximize our scope in Asia and to better serve our clients. With deep knowledge and expertise in Asia, TAG was founded in 2013 as a strategy and capital advisory group to corporations and organizations with business interests in the trans-Pacific region. They help clients identify, integrate, and advance new business opportunities, and work with existing businesses to navigate the complexities of both established and emerging markets in Asia.


Blue Star Strategies

BSS and BGS have partnered to serve client needs in the emerging market of Vietnam.  BSS works in emerging economies throughout the world devising global government relations strategies for corporations and governments, connecting private sector services and products to governments, and developing and accessing commercial markets within the financial services, information technology and energy sectors.